What's the Silver Bullet?

There are literally hundreds of different paths to choose from, and this is where most people get tripped up by not realizing just how many great opportunities there are for artists. 

Not realizing how many opportunities are really out there is a big problem because what often ends up happening is an artist will set their goals unbelievably high, without ever realizing the path to get to their ultimate goal it’s actually a series of steps they need to take along the creative career path to ultimately get to that dream career.

The good news is there are tons of entry opportunities for creative people.

By the end of this article you'll have a much better idea of which art market will be a good fit for you - and this is really important because it will show you how to play to your natural strengths and craft a career that will work for you today and lead you to your dream career in the future.

Why Breaking into a Creative Career is so Hard

Once you have that first creative job and have started to build a reputation for yourself it’s easy to advance your career.  

However, getting that first job can be tough and here’s why: It’s a struggle to balance earning money while you build your skills and the connections that lead to your breakthrough creative job.   

With other careers you can 'sneak' into your first job and learn on the job, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that with visual art.  

Think about this: Can you tell the difference between how good two lawyers or accountants are by just looking at them, or even by reading their resume? You might have a hunch, but it’s really difficult to say for sure.  

Now - think about an artist.  It’s extremely easy to see the difference in the quality of work when you look at the portfolios of different artists.  You literally have nothing to hide behind - your portfolio will clearly show if you can or can’t get the work done.

Don’t Lose Hope - Choosing the Right Market Can Make Getting Your First Job Much Easier

The skills and portfolio required for different markets vary wildly.  Some need loose sketches where creativity is more important, while other markets prize technical precision, and others value the mood that the artwork conveys to the intended audience.   

It’s not uncommon for the artists that many people look up to now to have started in completely different creative fields.  Your skills might not yet be high enough to jump right into your dream position, but this doesn’t mean the skills you have aren’t high enough for a different market.   

For example - concept art is a very popular market for aspiring artists these days, but the skills and creativity required for this job are extremely high.  The skill requirements for your dream career shouldn’t discourage you - just realize that it might take some time to get there.  

In the meantime, while you have been improving your concept art abilities you’ve also become quite handy with Photoshop, and you’ve always had an eye for good design and may have even been paid a few times to help out friends and family improve the art and design work for their businesses or websites.   

In a case like this - you could look at starting out getting a design job where you already have the required skills, and then continue to work on your concept art abilities in your free time.


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